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Marble and natural stone coffee tables by Kreoo are highly nuanced and impeccably made in the tradition of Italian design using the best quality materials on earth.

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The Davani Group’s marble tables combine impeccable contemporary design and traditional fabrication techniques with the finest natural store, sourced by our buyers from quarries around the world.


Durable, beautiful, luxurious – marble has been used for millennia to build furniture that is both practical and elegant. Each marble table created by The Davani Group is formed from carefully selected natural stone, designed by one of Italy’s most renowned furniture designers, and fabricated by craftsmen in Vicenza, a part of Italy famed for its marble quarries and multi-generational craftsmanship.

Arcaico Table


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Nodo Tables

Pavé Table

Pedina Torre

About Our Luxury Stone Coffee Tables


A natural stone coffee table is a luxurious and elegant center-piece for any living space. The Davani Group’s natural stone furniture catalog includes a diverse selection of coffee tables, each one fabricated to the highest standards from the most exceptional natural stone and other luxury materials.


Natural stone is a versatile medium. In the hands of skilled designers and craftsmen, natural stone takes on forms that suit any aesthetic, from the solidity of the Arcaico table system’s curved sculptural form to the lightweight rectilinear style of the Nodo family of coffee tables and shelves, and the sinuous curves of the Pedina Torre coffee table.


The Davani Group’s natural stone collection encompasses an unprecedented range of stone types and colors. Our coffee tables are available in a variety of colors and stone types, including marble, travertine, and onyx. You choose a coffee table design, and we deliver a custom coffee table in your desired color, pattern, and type of stone.


In addition to designs from leading Italian furniture designers, The Davani Group offers a bespoke natural stone production service. Our experienced natural stone consultants work with clients to create unique artifacts, including original coffee tables. We source marble and other natural stone from the quarry, oversee fabrication in our Italian workshops, and deliver the completed project anywhere in the world.


The Davani Group’s coffee tables are part of an extensive catalog of natural stone furniture that also includes other tables, indoor and outdoor seating, case goods, tiles, cladding, and more.

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