Pavé Stone Seating

The Pavé Collection begins with inspiration from nature, where water flows over rock, smooths and polishes it, forming a perfect work of art in nature – the river stone. Everything in this collection begins with a large scale, solid marble version of nature’s polished “pebble”. Using this form as a base, designer Enzo Berti explores the expressive potential of natural elements such as marble, wood and cork, both from the aesthetic and the functional point of view. Stacking the marble base pebble with either a matching or contrasting marble seat, or one carved from larchwood or cork.

Pavé Stone Seating:

Pavè Stone is a seating system characterized by the overlap of an oval marble base and a wood or cork seat. It is offered in various marble choices and 5 different sizes, 3 with an oval base, and two with the shape of a comma (River) or a semi-triangular almond shape (Stream). The seating works easily as a single object or nestled in a group. Suitable for all indoor / outdoor environments for residential, hospitality and contract design projects.


Choice of Kreoo fine marbles:

Grey Saint Marie, Rosso Francia, Bianco Extremoz, Nero Marquina, Emperador, Verde Alpi,  Botticino, Travertino Paglierino.


Marble Base: matt with waterproof treatment

Wooden seats: Indoor: bleached or aged larch Outdoor: heat-treated brushed larch

Cork seat: The cork version is resistant to athmospheric agents and it ensures reliability and durability.

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Photo: Courtesy of Decormarmi SRL

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