Moon Seating and Tables by Kreoo

Intriguing, empathic, mysterious as the moon: Moon is a flexible system of stools and tables made of marble and wood with a metal base.
Like all Kreoo designs, Moon’s shape was inspired by the beauty of nature; in this case the phases of the lunar cycle. Just like the phases of the moon, the full circle of the tabletop that depicts a full moon perfectly joins the “three-quarters” phase of the stool.

The seat and side table may be used individually or affixed together in an artful cluster of seats and tops: From above, the system creates a beautiful, organic pattern of many marble colors in contrast with wood.
Suitable for residential, hospitality or contract applications, Moon has an immediate appeal. This unconventional and refined design choice is extremely practical for additional guest or when a comfortable support is required.

The Moon stool is composed of a metal base with choice of marble top, while the table is offered with a metal base and choice of marble or wood top.


Marble seats or table tops choice of: Bianco Calacatta, Bianco Estremoz, Crema Marfil, Grey Saint Marie, Nero Marquinia, Rosso Alicante, Irish Green or Emperdor Dark.

Wood table tops choice of: Brushed Larch in bleached, aged, natural or earth color, also Iroko Wood.

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Photo: Courtesy of Decormarmi SRL

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