Purity Conference Table

Purity Conference Table

The Davani + Purity stone conference table is the perfect centerpiece to ground your workplace with its calming energy and modern designs. Inspired by the classic designs of Italian marble and travertine, yet built with modern amenities and features to cater to the latest workplace design trends, including: Pop up and wireless charging for a variety of devices
Recessed floor lighting, perfect for slide presentations Comfortable seating for up to 10 CONCEALED POP UP CHARGING TERMINAL
Built with modern business needs in mind, the PURITY conference table has multiple charging options. Concealed wireless charge ports allow your guests to keep their phones and tablets charged at all times, while remaining flush with the table. If you need wired connections, these charging stations pop up to reveal both USB ports and traditional outlets.

concealed wireless charge port in a modern conference table
Pop-up USB charge station in the center of the conference table

The fluted pattern around the base of the conference table highlights the natural features of the Italian travertine stone, creating a one-of-a-kind classical, yet modern aesthetic.
The warm glow floor lighting is perfect for slide deck presentations, conference calls, and meetings where dimmed lights are preferred. The 3500K LED lights provide soft, warm light that’s perfect for cultivating an atmosphere of creativity and openness.

Our stone dining table with soft yellow recessed lighting



Length: 330 cm

Width: 110 cm

Height: 73 cm


  • Pop Up & Wireless Charge Station
  • Seats Up To 10
  • Fluted Base
  • Soft Underlighting
  • Beveled Edge

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