Custom Stone & Marble Fabrication

The Davani Group creates custom marble and natural stone furniture, decor, and architectural features for designers, architects, and contractors.

Here are just a few ways The Davani Group creates custom stone and marble fabrications:

  • We create technical drawings and 3D renders based on your designs and requirements.
  • We provide project plans and budgets for the fabrication of unique natural stone objects and larger production runs.
  • We source the finest natural stone from quarries around the world.
  • We oversee fabrication in our Italian workshops.
  • We deliver your bespoke natural stone items anywhere in the world.

With an unmatched commitment to customer service and obsessive attention to detail, your Davani Group project manager supports you throughout the planning, fabrication, delivery, and installation of architectural custom natural stone elements, furniture and decor.


Our natural stone inventory offers hundreds of natural stone varieties in diverse colors and patterns. We source natural stone directly from quarries around the world, providing an unparalleled choice for your custom projects.

White marble columns in classic style

We fabricate custom projects in:

  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Quartzite
  • Onyx
  • Granite
  • Basalt
  • Limestone
  • Slate

We work with semi-precious stones such as agate, amethyst, amazonite, quartz, malachite, and petrified woods, as well as other premium materials including wood, metal, and Murano glass.

Custom Marble Decor


Decor made of marble and other natural stone is unmatched in luxury, durability, and beauty. Natural stone graced the most luxurious homes and public spaces for millennia, and it remains the material of choice for the most prestigious spaces, business and domestic.


Whether your taste inclines to the classic or the contemporary, The Davani Group combines the perfect natural stone with impeccable craftsmanship and service. We create custom marble decor for the kitchen, living room, dining room, office, bathroom, and any other indoor space.

A minimialist fireplace with cappuccino brown onyx

Marble Fireplaces and Mantels


Natural stone is the ideal material for fireplaces and mantels. Unlike synthetic materials and woods, the stone absorbs and retains heat, efficiently radiating a gentle warmth into the room. No other material is as fitting for the hearth, the emotional center of our homes.


We create custom marble fireplaces and mantels to suit any taste or sensibility, from the minimalist to the baroque, combining natural stone colors from the lightest Carrara marble to the darkest travertines, and a rainbow of reds, blues, greens, and yellows.

Bespoke Stone Cabinetry


We produce custom natural stone cabinetry of any size, shape, or complexity. Whether for the bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere in the house or office, we can realize your designs for bespoke natural stone cabinets, doors, cupboards, drawers, and more.


Our natural stone artisans fabricate custom cabinetry in your choice of natural stone. Because we source blocks of natural stone straight from the quarry, we can create perfectly matched custom cabinet exteriors. Every cabinet is constructed to the highest possible fit and finish, resulting in uniquely beautiful cabinetry with warmth and character that cannot be matched with synthetic materials.

Reception desk in Calacatta marble

Custom Marble Reception Desks 


A custom marble reception desk makes a statement. It communicates refinement, professionalism, and trustworthiness to customers and clients. As the first focus of visitors to your office or building, a custom marble reception desk establishes and communicates your business’s identity. Every company has a unique ethos and culture, and a custom marble reception desk conveys that culture more emphatically that off-the-shelf furniture ever could.


We build and deliver custom natural stone reception desks to companies around the world. We work tirelessly to ensure that the reception desks we fabricate are as practical as they are beautiful, fully satisfying the needs of your brand, space, and employees.

Marble Columns


We create natural stone columns for interior and exterior use. Marble columns fabricated in our Italian workshops impress in locations around the world, from the palatial to the practical. They bring a striking style to homes and offices, frame the entrances of the most elegant structures, shape stately vistas, and form the contours of elegant colonnades.

We custom-make solid column shafts and column cladding, column bases, and capitals in any style, all carved from a diversity of natural stone to complement your architecture or interior decor.


Marble Cladding and Facades


Bring the organic beauty of natural stone to any building with custom natural stone cladding. We offer custom cladding and facades from a wide range of natural stone varieties, including marble, travertine, and limestone. We supply natural stone and facilitate the fabrication of interior and exterior cladding for building projects of any size.


Architects and building contractors take advantage of our vast stone inventory, unique fabrication capabilities, and flexible production processes to source the highest-quality bespoke cladding and facades for prestige projects.

Luxury Doors


In the past, doors were rarely made from heavy natural stone. But precision marble fabrication and modern hinge technology make doors carved from marble and other natural stone types a practical option. Bespoke stone doors bring the mass and lustrous materiality of marble to interior and exterior doorways.


From monumental pivot doors to flush wall doors to lightweight doors with marble paneling,  as well as curved walls, The Davani Group’s experienced natural stone artisans create custom marble doors from the most luxurious natural materials with impeccable artistry.

Luxury white marble doors

Stone and Marble Fountains


A custom natural stone fountain is an eye-catching addition to any outdoor space. Stone water fountains artfully combine water and stone — two of nature’s elemental substances — in a complementary arrangement of carved solidity and graceful mobility.


The Davani Group works with property owners, architects, and contractors to create luxury custom fountains in marble, travertine, limestone, and other natural stones. We will help you to choose the design and technical specifications of your fountain, before sourcing the most beautiful stone and completing fabrication in our Italian workshop.


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