Custom Marble Bathtubs

Image courtesy of Decormarmi.

Bathing in a Davani Group marble bathtub is an experienced to be cherished. Combining unequaled comfort and impeccable design, our marble bathtubs are the perfect centerpiece for the most luxurious bathrooms.


Each marble tub that leaves our workshop in Italy has a story to tell. It starts in the mountains where, after aeons underground, the marble and natural stone is brought into the light by stone miners who partition it into blocks.


The stone blocks travel from quarries around the world to our workshop, where skilled artisans cut away the excess to reveal a marble tub carved from a single block of stone.


The highlights of our marble bathtub range include:

  • The Kalypso Tub, designed by Enzo Berti and named after the mythological nymph, the Kalypso exhibits a sculptural profile designed for optimal comfort.
  • The Kora Tub, the flowing lines of this teardrop-shaped bathtub with a curving shelf create a soft and inviting impression.

The Davani Group offers marble bathtubs from a wide variety of types and colors of stone. We are happy to custom build marble bathtubs in your preferred stone, color, and finish.

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