Designer Basinless Sinks For Your Luxury Master Bathroom

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Designer Basinless Sinks For Your Luxury Master Bathroom

Basinless Sinks: The Epitome of Minimalist Luxury

Basinless sinks have become exceptionally popular in recent years, and with good reason. They are beautiful, functional, and the epitome of minimalist luxury. While the merits of their brilliant design would likely have brought them to the spotlight regardless, they were launched to center stage two years ago when Kim Kardashian shared a peek of her and Kanye’s bathroom, which happens to be outfitted with a basinless sink.

Taking the Sink Design World by Storm

The quintessential criteria of the designer’s eye are form and function. Any furnishing must embody the lifestyle vision of its user while never straying from its necessary purpose for living. An essential furnishing of any home, hotel, or public space will always be the washing sink, a place where everyday cleaning is signified through the straightforward flow of water into a concave basin. Flowing water is formless, and the proper containment of this flow has been the driving principle behind everything from the ancient Roman aqueducts to the most state-of-the-art hydroelectric dams. This practicality is no less at the heart of faucet sinks, but a recent design trend has added a daringly original depth to it, paradoxically, by removing depth from the equation.

In the spring of 2019, a video interview with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West included a brief look into the restroom of their $60 million estate that unintentionally sent thousands on social media into a frenzy of curiosity and speculation. The design of the house’s sinks appeared to be a faucet positioned over a seemingly flat surface, with seemingly no way for the water to drain in a central basin.



Despite being a relatively unintentional showcase in the interview, the overwhelming response to Kardashians’ family sink online prompted Kim to share an Instagram story highlighting a little more information about the fixture and its design. The fixture is a custom basinless sink designed by Kanye along with Belgian architect Axel Vervoordt and Italian designer Claudio Silvestrin. Kim’s showcase of the fixture reveals that the countertop around the faucet is given a very slight curvature that leads to a small rectangular drain, also including insight that Silvestrin envisioned the piece as a standalone isle rather than the most common bathroom configuration of wall-adjacent sinks. The collaboration is a testament to the charming simplicity of its designers’ oeuvres, Vervoordt crowned as the “Maestro of Minimalism” by Essential Home and Silvestrin hailed by Luminaire for his thoughtfully-sparing design that “is elegant and soulful, executed with a clarity of mind.”



The Kardashians’ ambitious fixtures garnered an unprecedented level of interest for what was already a growing trend in interior design. With this increased fascination in mind, the new DAVANI Meridian sink aims to present this unique style with an upscale, seamless simplicity.

How do Basinless Sinks Work? 

Kim and Kanye’s sink all but broke the internet as people tried to understand how a flat sink could even work and where they might find one of their own. We are happy to say that we can provide an answer to both of these questions. 

Basinless sinks, zero-depth sinks, bowl-less sinks, flat sinks; They are all referring to essentially the same thing. This “sink of many names” might look like magic, but it’s actually just beautifully subtle and precise craftsmanship. To claim that these sinks are flat or have no bowl isn’t technically true; it’s just shallow and gradual enough that it’s nearly imperceptible.

When designing and installing a basinless sink, you are riding a fine line. The depth of the vanity needs to be perfect; too shallow, and the water won’t run to the drain. Too deep, and the magic of your basinless sink is lost. If it isn’t perfectly level after installation, it won’t function properly. It’s a delicate balance, one that we are proud to say we have perfected in the sinks shown below.  

Designer Stone Basinless Sinks 

The Davani Group has multiple different basinless sink designs in our collection, all of which were designed by Axel Vervoordt, the same designer who worked with Kim Kardashian to create the basinless sink that is now found in her home. These beautiful basinless sinks are luxurious, minimalist, and ultra-modern; perfect for a modern master bathroom or spa.

Meridian Wall-Mounted Basinless Sink 

The Meridian wall-mounted basinless sink comes in a variety of stones and finishes to match the aesthetic of your home. It’s simple, elegant, and eyecatching.


The DavanI Group Meridian Wall Mounted Basinless Sink


The Meridian Wall-Mounted Sink, like the rest of the signature DAVANI Meridian Collection, takes a broad inspiration from the meridian lines that are said to contour along the human figure to distribute nourishment and energy across the body. Taking inspiration from the Ancient Chinese belief in yin and yang structures existing along the body, the Meridian Collection boldly choreographs the wellness centers of the human form in the interplay of stone etching with the natural ebb-and-flow patterns occurring in the world’s finest Italian stone.

The meticulously etched design enables the stone to collect and route the water for simplicity and ease, maintaining full functionality within a quietly revolutionary design. The slab base is specially paired with wall-mounted faucet structures, carefully placed to evenly and effectively distribute water flow in a clean, efficient manner. Available in customizable lengths and with optional lacquer-designed center

drawers, the distinction is deconstructed between the water’s clean flow and the personal touches provided by the owner and interior designer. The simplicity of the design of the Meridian sink invites its user to consider a new synthesis between the functionality of the sink with and human touches of its integrated surroundings.

The MERIDIAN Wall-Mounted Sink is available at customizable lengths in a variety of premium stonework to meet the specific needs of any project.

Meridian Wall-Mounted Basinless Sink with Vanity

The Meridian wall-mounted basinless sink with vanity comes with many similar design elements as the one noted above with the added functionality of vanity for storage. The drawers slide discreetly in place leaving a modern masterpiece of modern design.


The DavanI Group Meridian Basinless Sink

Meridian Floor-Mounted Vanity with Integrated Sink 

For those looking for either a greater degree of storage or a more prominent design presence, we recommend the Meridian floor-mounted vanity with an integrated sink.  Available in the same wood and stone options as its wall-mounted counterparts, this vanity provides minimalist luxury hand-in-hand with extensive storage.


The Davani Group Meridian Floor Mounted Basinless Sink

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