The Davani Group - Fierce Commitment to Quality and Refinement

At the Davani Group we are dedicated to excellence, self-improvement, and empowering both individuals and corporations to make a significant difference in quality of life. Our aim is to bring back the intangible values of integrity, artistry, and passion so often ignored in today’s culture. Through dedication and a thorough self-investment we are sharing the experience of integrative living, bringing functional art and a passionate philosophy of luxury to your projects.

A Passion for Quality: A Commitment to Excellence

The Davani Group are the pioneers and exclusive importer/partner of Kreoo, the brand that embodies craftsmanship, precision, and timelessness… capturing the past, imagining the future, and punctuating the present. Our priority is the belief, passion and unwavering commitment to the quality of our product and the promise it delivers. Each one of our products are carved out of a solid block of marble, finished and romanced by hand by our Italian artisans outside of Venice, Italy. There are no limits. There are no boundaries. Imagine the possibilities.

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The Davani Group may be reached at 415.373.7308 or or by using the form below.